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Katie's Corner

Click Here to read a log of email communications I have sent out this school year.

Click Here to read email communications I sent out last year.

If you can avoid using staples in the paperwork you submit to me, I would appreciate it. I have to undo all those staples in order to scan and upload the documents, so it would save me time if you either used a paperclip or just didn't attach them. 

I don't have a preference for how you submit your paperwork to me - email, pony, drop off at my desk. However, please choose only one method. It gets confusing when I receive multiple copies of documents, and please submit all required pieces at once.


Helpful Hints

If the top and/or bottom of your page is cutting off when you print, make sure your Paper Size (under More Settings) is not A4 - it should be Letter.

ESY is anticipated to take place June 5-29, 2023, 4 days per week, 180 minutes for elementary school and 220 minutes for secondary. Remember to include whether or not we will transport, and how long that transport will be.

When referring to the services starting on the first day of school (such as on the PWN or in the Service Delivery Statement) or the second semester, etc. use general phrases such as, "Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year..." or "beginning with the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year." But on the chart use the following dates:

-The first day of the 2022-2023 school year is 8/11/2022.

Make sure you have the signature page of the PWN and/or Amendment completed in full and printed when you send home for signatures!! You have to check the box next to the parent's name that will sign before saving the form. 


There are three principal changes to our process for the 2021-2022 school year:        

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Services/State Report Page

There is a new section at the top of the Services/State Report page of the IEP, consisting of the following three questions: 

Is the student placed in a more restrictive environment for any part of the school day (including nonacademic and extracurricular services and activities- ie. meals, recess, transportation, assemblies, clubs, athletics, etc.)? If your student has any services in a G, R, or J setting, you should mark Yes in this area and then put information in the field just above the chart about when the student will be pulled out of a general education setting (see below for examples of what to put here).

If Yes, the team must first consider or implement placement in the general education environment with use of supplementary aids and services before considering more restrictive environments.  Document these consideration below, as well as on the PWN, demonstrating that the nature of severity of the disability is such that education in the general setting with supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily. There are a variety of statement bank statements in the system for this section - one of them for if the student is receiving special education services in a special education setting for a class, and various ones if the student is in a special education setting for gifted services or speech services. You don't have to add to those statement bank statements unless you feel the need to clarify something - otherwise just plug it in and go on to the next sentence.

The student will participate with children without disabilities in general education, and extracurricular and nonacademic activities, with the exception(s) described below: If you marked Yes to the question above, you will need to document here what situations the student will NOT be in a general education setting. Some examples are:

  • The student will not participate with non-disabled peers when receiving Social Work and transition services, which take place outside of the general education classroom.

  • The student will not participate with non-disabled peers during math and reading, which will be in the resource classroom. 
  • The student will not participate with non-disabled peers during small group reading, which will be in the resource classroom, and during speech services, which will be in the speech resource room.

ESY Page

You now need to list any supporting data you used to determine that a student does NOT qualify for ESY. Previously we only had to include data if they did qualify. This information will go in the column titled "Data Source(s)." 

Assessments Page

The District Wide Assessment you list should be FastBridge. We will no longer be administering MAP testing. FastBridge assessments may only have accommodations of Frequent Breaks and Separate Setting.












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