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District Learning Scenario Dates:

9/1/2020-10/25/2020: 2-day Hybrid

10/26/2020-11/22/2020 - 4-day Hybrid

11/23/2020-1/3/2021 - All Remote

1/4/2021-5/28/2021 - 2-day Hybrid

2/15/2021-5/28/2021 - 4-day Hybrid for K-2

3/15/2021-5/28/2021 - 4-day Hybrid for 3-6

3/29/2021-4/11/2021 - 4-day Hybrid for 7-12

4/12/2021-5/28/2021 - 5-day all grades

All IEPs that are due between May 1, 2021 and September 9, 2021 must be held prior to April 30. Therefore, please make sure you are planning accordingly.


Resource Links  

Change in Service Calculator

Searchable Accommodations List (Alphabetical)

What do I need for an IEP/Amendment/Dismissal...

Understanding Messages and Announcements in PowerSchool

Expectations for Work Submission and Correction

Middle School Transition Section Resources

IEP Writing Checklist

KSDE Process Handbook


How to...

Write an Annual IEP During Hybrid/Remote

Complete a PWN

Add Standards to a Goal

Customize Columns on your Home Page

Document Contact Attempts

Change the Pages or Title of a Document

Using the Statement Banks

Copy Information from a Previous IEP When Creating a New IEP

Katie's Corner

Thank you for all of your hard work! You are doing a great job!

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If you can avoid using staples in the paperwork you submit to me, I would appreciate it. I have to undo all those staples in order to scan and upload the documents, so it would save me time if you either used a paperclip or just didn't attach them. 

I don't have a preference for how you submit your paperwork to me - email, pony, drop off at my desk. However, please choose only one method. It gets confusing when I receive multiple copies of documents.


What's New: 

- Progress Reports are not automated yet. You will still need to send them home manually (via email or snail mail). Please follow your building's timeline for delivering Progress Reports (they should follow the same timeline as the Gen Ed Progress Reports).

- If the top and/or bottom of your page is cutting off when you print, make sure your Paper Size (under More Settings) is not A4 - it should be Letter.

- The first day of the 2021-2020 school year should be listed as  8/17/2021 on the chart. When referring to the services starting next year (such as on the PWN or in the Service Delivery Statement) use the phrase, "Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year..."

- If you get an email asking you to acknowledge a document in PowerSchool, you can disregard it. 

- The IEP at a Glance will no longer print. It is there for the teachers to view, but when you Print All Sections of the IEP it will no longer be a part of that printout.

- Make sure you have the signature page of the PWN completed in full and printed when you send home for signatures!! 



There are two principal changes to our process for the 2020-2021 school year:      




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PWN - The PWN now has several statement banks you need to be using.

a. If there are no changes from one IEP to the next under the traditional model (so in cases where you mark "E. Other Changes to IEP"), you can use the statement under #1) A Description of the Action Proposed or Refused, that says "The student will receive the services and supports as outlined in the IEP." No further description is necessary in this field. NOTE: If you decide to describe the services anyway, you need to describe ALL of the services.

b. If there are changes from one IEP to the next (so in cases where you mark "C. Change in Services" or "D. Change in Placement"), you should use the statement under #1) A Description of the Action Proposed or Refused, that says "The team recommends the following changes be made to the student's services and supports:". Then all changes must be described here with frequency, duration, and location (but ONLY the changes).

c. There are two new statement bank statements about harmful effects that can be found under #5) Other Factors Relevant to the Proposal or Refusal. You must put one of these two statements in there (or something similar).


SERVICES PAGE - The Services Chart will now be set to NOT print, and there is a new field that is set to print where you will describe all possible services. 

a. The services listed on the services chart should be the services the student is receiving at this time, under either the Hybrid or Remote model (depending on the student). Make sure the box at the top left of the chart is selected so that it will not print. 

b. In the Service Delivery Statement section, you must list 4 items:

       - Describe (with frequency, duration, and location) the Traditional services being provided

       - Insert the Temporary Services Plan statement from the statement bank

       - Describe the temporary services (remote AND hybrid - even if your student has chosen remote at this time you need to describe what it would look like in hybrid in case their situation changes)

       - Insert the appropriate LRE statement from the statement bank (note there is no longer a separate LRE page). The Change in Service Calculator has a tab that can help you calculate this (see Resource Links section). The LRE is on the third tab of that document.








































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