What is the deadline for submitting a points request?

For initial points requests, the typical answer is 30 days from the date of learning. See the chart below with more specifics.

Learning Event


Regular professional development (district/school in-service, conference, workshop, etc.) held during the school year. 30 days from the learning event with a 10-day extension effective January 15, 2020.
Professional development, workshop, etc. taken or experienced during the summer. 30 days from the initial date of our contract.
Flex Time This is determined by the building principal.
Continuing meetings (Adaptive Schools that meets 4 non-contiguous days, building leadership meetings, etc. 30 days from the end of the semester (PLC, BLT, etc.) or the last meeting if submitting as a whole/single point request (Adaptive Schools)
Student Teaching (see Q? for further guidance) 30 days from the last day of the student teaching experience.

I just started teaching here, how do I get my old points moved?

If you came from a Greenbush district, check PDP Toolbox to see that points were moved. Contact Ginger Mein at Greenbush if there is a discrepancy. If you came from a district that is not affiliated with Greenbush, please contact your previous district coordinator to have a sealed transcript of your points sent to the Central Office here. That sealed transcript will be placed in your personnel file and available to you when you need to renew your license.

I just renewed, what do I need to do now?

Please go into PDP Toolbox and update your preferences by clicking on "Your Preferences" at the top of the screen. Input the new license term date and any other information changes as necessary. Best practice would be to send a copy of your renewed license to Central Office for your file.

I need to renew soon and do not have enough points. What can I do?

You can go to but before signing in, you can click on the Professional Development opportunities on the right-hand side of the login page. Greenbush offers a variety of learning events that are accepted for points.

I need to renew my license, what do I do?

When you are within 6 months of your renewal you may begin the renewal process. If you need to have fingerprints taken, there are local resources to provide that assistance (see District Officer for more information). In the Toolbox you can request assistance from Greenbush, but the renewal is actually done online from KSDE's webpage. You will go to the Licensure page and select the type of renewal you want (typically 3A). You will log in and type in your information and answer questions directly on the page; KSDE will accept the form and get confirmation from the district. Once the application is in the system, KSDE will e-mail you the form and instructions for payment. The process still takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

I had a student teacher this semester, can I get points for that?

 Yes, a supervising teacher can get Service to the Profession hours for hosting a student teacher. The point request should average no more than one point per week of supervision. The point request is due 30 days from the last student teaching day.

I took a college class, how do I get points for that?

Once your class is completed, go into the PDP Toolbox and request a new learning event. Make sure to select the college course option when entering your class information. Then, proceed like normal with your knowledge reflection. 

When do I need to use the New Learning Request?

A New Learning Request is used whenever you wish to attend a conference, workshop, etc. or it can be used if you wish to have prior approval for points from a book study or college class. The request begins a chain of documentation that enables Central Office staff to help with registration, purchase orders, transportation details and so on. Also, when an activity is approved by the principal/superintendent, your point request is partially filled in with the date, time, point requested. All you need to do to finish up is to submit a reflection once you have attended the conference or completed the book study. Your points request will display to the PDC as an Approved Learning Activity.

I see a Goals section when I log into my toolbox. Is that something I need to fill out?

No, this is a feature of PDP Toolbox that we do not use. Your administrator will direct you to fill out and track goals using TalentEd.

What is expected of a reflection in a Knowledge level request?

The committee members who read point requests from the Knowlege level expect to see a reflection that is comprehensive and focused on what was learned during the experience (PD, conference, workshop, book study, etc.) The reflection should be written in paragraph form and indicate clearly what was learned. Please, no bullet points or single sentence statements on what was done. The reflection should also cover the whole day and be broken up into sections -- by day, by part of the day (am and pm) or by session, whichever makes the most amount of sense given the nature of the learning. Please see the Professional Development Guide for more specific details on what makes a good knowledge level reflection.

What is expected of a reflection in an Application and/or Impact level request?

When submitting Application, please make sure that your knowledge is something that has been applied in your classroom over a period a time-not just a few weeks. In addition, the request must tie back to the original learning knowledge reflection. Artifacts are a great addition to help you document what you applied in your classroom. See the PDP guide for further insight. When submitting Impact points, your request must show that the knowledge and application of knowledge had a positive impact on students. Impact requests must show data. See the PDP guide for further insight. 

When can I submit points for Application?

While there is no minimum date or length of time to wait on an Application request, the committee is looking for evidence in the reflection and/or artifacts that the knowledge was used over time, more than once, and that the practice has become solidified in the classroom. Please work with your building PDC representative to collect artifacts and work on an application level request. 

What kinds of artifacts or data do I need to collect in case I wish to file for Impact level points?

 Artifacts to help show a positive impact on students would be, but not limited to: Pre/Post Test, KWL chart, surveys, student products, assessment results, training or coaching others using that specific strategy that had a positive impact in the classroom. See the PDP guide for further insight. 

Is some learning eligible for knowledge points only?

Yes, Service the Profession and procedural learning requests are only able to receive knowledge points. Some examples of procedural activities include but are not limited to:

  • Learning Schedules
  • PowerSchool
  • Outlook
  • Teacher Webpages
  • Communicator
  • New teacher information about how the school operates
  • Extra Duty Activities: Bus Duty, Lunchroom Duty, Hall Duty, Scorekeeping, Etc.
  • Review of previously learned materials (e.g. Mandt recertification. See related questions below.)

What is PDC and who serves on it?

The Professional Development Council (PDC) will include one teacher representative from each building and should include at least as many teachers as administrators. Teacher representatives will be elected within their respective buildings in an election administered by the Shawnee Heights Educational Association (S.H.E.A.) Executive Council. Council members shall be elected to a 3-year term. If a member resigns from the Council, the newly elected member shall complete the 3-year term. The chairperson/s and secretary shall be selected by the Council members. The elected officers of the council shall consist of a chairperson and a secretary. It is recommended that officers have one year of experience on the Professional Development Council. Vacancies for the remainder of the unexpired term will be filled by the selection or appointment (following selection method described above).

The current list of members is updated on the website.

How do I get points for recertification and/or any review of learning?

When requesting points you will need to submit two points requests. One request will be for any NEW knowledge that you received. The second request will be for the information that you have already learned that is review; this request will be a Service to the Profession request. (Some examples of this would be Mandt, Quantum, Kagan, etc.)

How do I enter a learning event that was more than one day?

You can put this learning event all under one request, but when writing you reflection, break up your learning into Day 1, Day 2, etc. If this is for a college course, please break your reflection up by each module or unit.




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