HF-001 - Authorization of Specialized Health Care Procedures HF-025-1 - School Children Needing Follow Up - Hearing
HF-002 - Emergency Care Plan HF-025-2 - School Children Needing Follow Up - Vision
HF-003 - Hearing & Vision Screening HF-027 - Hearing Screening Results - Passed
HF-005 - Report of Hearing Exam - Clinical & Medical HF-028 - Vision Screening Results - Passed
HF-006 - Health History HF-033 - Permission to Administer Medication at School
HF-006S - Health History (Spanish) HF-033S - Permission to Administer Medication at School (Spanish)
HF-007 - Documentation of Instruction from The Registered Nurse to Unlicensed School Personnel HF-035 - Vision Screening Results - Failed/Referral
HF-007a - Documentation of Instruction from RN to LPN HF-036 - Hearing Screening Results - Failed/Referral
HF-009 - Permission to Self Medicate HF-037 - Long-Term Medication Log
HF-011 - Hearing Screening - Tympanogram HF-039 - Health Assessment for Children & Youth
HF-012 - Student Emergency Information and Consent Card HF-040 - Diabetes Information from Parent Request
HF-013 - Health Fact Brochure HF-041 - Diabetes Emergency Action Plan
HF-014 - Near & Far Vision Screening Results - Passed HF-042 - Diabetes Individual Health Care Plan
HF-015 - 90 Day Health Assessment Waiver HF-043 - Permission to Self Medicate OTC
  HF-044 - Permission to Self Medicate RX
HF-018 - Release to Carry Inhaler HF-045 - Release to Carry EpiPen
HF-019 - Screening Notification  Student Accident Claim Form
HF-021 - Report of Vision Screening for Referral to Ophthalmologist or Optometrist District Accident Insurance Letter
HF-023 - School Health Room Incident Report  
HF-024 - Daily Log Sheet  




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