GF-001 - Classroom Inventory (2013-2018) GF-068b - Race & Ethnicity (Employee)
GF-002 - Annual Notice to Parents & Students of Rights Under the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act GF-068S - Race & Ethnicity Form (Spanish)
GF-003 - Time Card - Hourly Paid or Extra Duty Paid Employees GF-069 - Student Information Record

GF-004 - Time Clock Modifications

GF-004b - Custodian Time Clock Modifications

GF-069-1 - Student Information Record Short
GF-005 - Mileage Chart GF-070 - At-Risk Preschool Application
GF-006 - Classified Staff Absentee  
GF-007 - Extra Duty Time Card GF-071 - Religious Activities Participation Opt-Out Form
GF-008 - Mileage Reimbursement GF-072 - Employment Recommendation  
GF-009 - Staff Personnel Evaluation GF-073 - Activities Addendum
GF-010 - Classified Handbook GF-075 - Request for Pupil Records (2pt.NCR) 
GF-011 - Division of Vehicles Suspension Notice GF-077 - Compulsory School Attendance Disclaimer & Exemption Forms
GF-012 - Clothing Allowance  
GF-013 - Classified New Hire Information Sheet  
GF-014 - Permission to Release Information GF-080 - Trespass Notification 
GF-015 - Witness Disclosure Form GF-081 - Employee Application for Sick Leave or Expanded FMLA (FFCRA)
GF-016 - While You Were Out GF-087 - Conference Approval Form 
GF-017 - Building Check Out GF-090 - Homebound or Hospital Instruction Application 
GF-018 - Harassment Complaint Form GF-091 - Student Insurance Claim Form/Parent Information Sheet
GF-019 - Certified Staff Absentee GF-094 - Residence Verification 
GF-020 - Pass or Transfer GF-095 - Out-of-District Student Request to Attend USD 450 
GF-022 - Official Directory Information GF-096 - Certified Personnel Verification of Experience

GF-023 - Statement of Understanding & Acceptance - In-District Transfer

GF-023 - Statement of Understanding & Acceptance - In-District Transfer (Spanish)

GF-096c - Coaching/Sponsor Verification of Experience
GF-024 - School Residence Person Acting as a Parent GF-098 - Classified Verification Experience
GF-025 - Authorization to Copy or Reprint GF-100 - General Form of Affidavit 
GF-026 - Staff Information (Emergency) GF-101 - Annual Notice of Authorized Student Data Disclosures

GF-027 - Statement of Understanding & Acceptance - Out of District Status(Returning)

GF-027 - Statement of Understanding & Acceptance - Out of District Status (Returning) (Spanish)

GF-103 - Compensated Committee Work Proposal 
GF-028 - Public Request for School Records GF-104 - Classified Employee Grievance Form
GF-029 - Musical Instrument Rental Permission Form GF-110 - Complaint Form - Program for Homeless Students
GF-030 - KS Communities That Care Survey GF-111 - Behavior Concern Form
GF-031 - Initial General Education Intervention (GEI) Form GF-112 - Bully / Harassment Affirmation
GF-032 - General Education Intervention Review GF-114 - Sick Leave Pool Application Form
GF-033 - Suicide Prevention GF-115 - Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Incident Report Form 

GF-034 - Purchase Request 2023-2024

GF-034 - Purchase Request 2024-2025

GF-116 - Incident Disclosure Form 
GF-035 - Student Absent or Tardy Slip GF-118 - Mandatory Referral & Release Information
GF-036 - Report of Absentees GF-119 - Safety Sensitive Positions

GF-037 - Statement of Understanding & Acceptance - Out of District Status (New)

GF-037 - Statement of Understanding & Acceptance - Out of District Status (New) (Spanish)

GF-124 - Substitute Teacher Review Form
GF-038 - Elementary Yearbook Final Report GF-128 - Physician's Verification for Homebound or Hospital Instruction 
GF-039 - Student Handbook Acknowledgment GF-130 - District Complaint Form
GF-040 - Direct Deposit  GF-132 - Consent to Release Student Information to Media
GF-041 - Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Charitable Contribution GF-133 - Media Release Opt-Out Form
GF-043 - Expense Reimbursement - Official Business GF-136 - Request for Review - Supplemental Percentage 
GF-044 - Classified Salary Employees Time Card GF-141 - Vehicle Violation Warning Notice 
GF-045 - Classified Work Schedule GF-155 - Employee Summary Report of Absences
GF-050 - Kansas Open Records Act  GF-160 - Student Emergency Release Form
GF-052a - Parent Letter for ESI  GF-161 - Authorization to Release Children in an Emergency 
GF-052b - Emergency Safety Intervention Incident Form GF-162 - Evaluation of Crisis Response Team Intervention
GF-052c - Emergency Safety Intervention Report GF-163 - Crisis Report To Superintendent
GF-054 - Shipping Request  GF-165 - Electronic W-2 Consent Form 
GF-055 - Employee Summary Report of Absences GF-173 - Family & Medical Leave Certification of Health Care Provider
GF-057 - 2020-21 Enrollment Fee Schedule  GF-174 - Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Employee Request Form
GF-058 - Enrollment Fees GF-175 - Job Share Agreement
GF-059 - Petty Cash Report GF-177 - Request for Salary Schedule Change of Classification BA-MA 
 GF-060 - KS DCFS Release of Information GF-178 - Request for Salary Schedule Change of Classification MA+15-Doct
GF-062 - ELL Accommodation Plan GF-179 - Classified Sick Leave Pool Application Form
GF-063 - Parent Notification Letter ESOL Program GF-180 Enrollment in Masters Form
GF-064 - Permission Form for Student Library Account GF-181 - Request for Masters Class Reimbursement Form
GF-065 - Pre-Arranged Absences (2pt.NCR)  
GF-067 - Affidavit of Continuous Residency  
GF-068a - Race & Ethnicity Form (Student)  




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